Hope Helps: Navigating Everyday Life

Chasing Your Life’s Dreams

February 24, 2021 Steve Edwards & Bronwyn Jones Season 2 Episode 4
Hope Helps: Navigating Everyday Life
Chasing Your Life’s Dreams
Show Notes

No matter our age, profession, or background we all have dreams and things we hope for in the future. In this episode of Hope Helps, Charly Burridge-Jones and her guests talk about how to explore what our dreams might be and some helpful tips for how to chase them.

 Charly reflects on how we are all encouraged to chase our dreams, but that it can be difficult to navigate what that looks like. Her first guest, Steve Edwards, worked in the police service for over 30 years. He now volunteers with the National Trust and Red Cross, and DJ’s on the weekends. He shares the importance of having dreams that genuinely inspire us. Dreams are meant to motivate us and help us know what life we want to make for ourselves. Charly’s second guest, Bronwyn Jones is currently perusing a master’s degree in architecture and has a big passion for music. Last year despite Covid- 19 restrictions Bronwyn with the help of others was able to organise and direct a virtual concert of the Rising Generation Choir which included more than 100 individuals from all over the UK. Bronwyn emphasises remembering why we had the dream in the first place and being patient with the timing often required to achieve our dreams. 

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